Map - River Time
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Take the west Coast road(R27 ) to Velddrif.

You will eventually come to a stop street. (This is the first stop street on this road).

When you stop you will see the OK Bazaars to your right and an Engen garage to your left.

Turn right into Voortrekker road Velddrif.

You will now be driving with the berg river on your right hand side.

After about 1 km you will start to see houses on your right hand side.

Look for the sign saying ( Bokkom Bedryf) on the right hand side.

This street is called Waterkant street.

Rivertime is the second house on the right hand side.

It is a pan Handle plot so you will see the cobbled driveway from the road.

There are only 3 houses in this street.

So you cant miss it.

Velddrif is where the famous Berg River meets the Atlantic Ocean.